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We believe our hand painted jig heads are truly unique  because the various colors and combinations give you "something extra" that can make the difference when it really counts!  Click here to see a close up picture of our work, it's no wonder they drive crappie crazy like they do!



We are proud to announce the arrival of Mike's Crappie Magic Minnows, these are simply the best crappie jigs I have ever used, hands down! Take a look at the two pictures below, in the first picture you will see the highest quality, most productive jigs available.  Notice the attention to detail, exiting new paint colors and patterns, and the deep shine in the durable protective top coat that seals the 3-D soft molded eyes in place and protects the finish.  When you click on the image to see the larger picture, you will understand why these baits drive those big 'ol crappies crazy like they do!  Since these jigs are center balanced, they maintain a completely natural "horizontal" baitfish attitude and appearance, even at a complete standstill!  Not only are the jig heads realistic looking, the also have the profile and size of a crappie's favorite meal!  Whether you match the head color or pattern with the soft plastics, or provide contrasting colors, it's your choice.  It is like having all the "good" advantages of fishing with minnows, plus the ability to mix and match colors to make your baits more visible to those slab crappies!

The second picture shows one size and colored jig head along with several types, styles, and colors of some of the more popular plastics.   I'm sure you will agree, these awesome jig heads will make "any body" look good!



Tackle Kits                    

  • Our tackle kits come in variable sizes to meet your needs.  Stocked with a variety of popular colors, sizes and body combinations they also make the perfect gift for the angler in your life.
  • All our kits feature a random assortment of special hand painted jig heads that make each bait unique. 
  • I have spent years testing different colors and patterns for painted jig heads to find the best producers.  Only the colors and patterns that have proven successful for me are sold in our kits.


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Mike's Crappie Magic Minnow Kit    (small)  115 pieces $43


There is a good reason for all the buzz about vertical presentations, it can be an extremely effective method for catching crappies, both quality and quantity.  Although these jigs perform very well with a cast and retrieve presentation, get ready for some exceptional performance from these hot new baits when you are slow trolling, pulling, or vertical jigging!  Our special seven step manufacturing process adds the necessary style and quality to put these powerhouse jigs in a league all their own! 



Mike's Big Boy      461 pieces $69  

 A true Crappie angler's dream, this kit covers most any condition and makes a perfect gift for the angler in your life.





Don's Eden Kit      511 pieces $72   

This kit was designed with help from folks on the message board, and Don at Eden's Marina and Campground on Watts Bar Lake TN.




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